What are the steps in the process of booking an Artist?

  1. Submit an Event Request Form.

  2. One of our Agents will contact you within one business day to discuss your specific needs and to answer your questions.

  3. Your Agent will work with you to put together an Artist "wish list" for your event. We then use proven techniques to actvely seek and present all options to you regarding possible artists that meet your criteria.

  4. We discuss and identify production responsibilities for your event to determine which, if any, you would like to handle (see list below of basic production responsibilities). If you are like most of our Clients, you do not have the time, desire, or experience to arrange and negotiate these elements, so we usually handle all such details so that you can simply show up and look good.

  5. We estimate a total price that is inclusive of the Artist’s fee and specified production costs. Upon your approval, we submit a formal offer to the Artist on your behalf.

  6. Upon the Artist’s acceptance of the offer, the contracts are completed and the show is "booked". If the offer is declined, we will help you revise the offer or select a different Artist for your event, whichever you choose.

What are some of the basic production responsibilities involved with a live musical performance?

Although every event is different, live performances often involve the following elements:

  • Artist’s Performance Fee
  • Flights (unless performance date falls when band is on tour in your area)
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Pre-Production and On-Site Producer
  • Sound / Lights / Staging
  • Backline (band instruments and basic gear – drums, amps, etc.)
  • Local Crew (on larger events) including stagehands and security
  • Rider Items Specific to Each Artist (many items are negotiable)

Is there an upfront fee in working with Mid South Entertainment?

Absolutely not. There is no payment made of any kind until you decide to make a formal offer to an Artist. If the offer is accepted, the payment is applied toward the total fee. If the offer is declined by the artist, the payment is refunded to you in full or applied toward an offer to a different artist. The only time you pay for anything is when we successfully secure an Artist for you (and our fees are built in to the overall price we quote for the entertainment).

What is an Artist's Rider?

A rider is simply a detailed list of what the performer requires to perform or make an appearance. It is attached to (and considered part of) the Contract, so it is called a rider. A good rider details everything the Artist needs; including travel, lodging, sound requirements, meals, etc. We work with Artist's Management to negotiate these items to assure that you provide only what the Artist truly needs for your event.

What is the best way to get started working with Mid South Entertainment?

Simply fill out an Event Request Form and an Agent will contact you within one business day.